Portugal also has has two wine-producing regions named as UNESCO world heritage sites.

The research by Bounce takes into account factors such as wine consumption and production, the number of vineyards and wine tours, and the average cost of a bottle of wine, to find out the best location for wine lovers to visit on their holiday.

In this sense, Portugal has the highest number of wine tours, as well as being the biggest consumers of wine, with the country drinking 47 million hectolitres per 100,000 people. All of these factors have helped to push the country into second position in the rankings.

However, at the top of the podium is Italy. “With approximately 400 varieties of grapes native to the country, there’s a wine to suit everyone's palette. It is also the largest producer of wine in our ranking producing 82 million hectolitres per 100,000 people”, they said in a note.

In third place is Iberian neighbour Spain. “Spain has the highest amount of land for vineyards on the list, with 968.4 thousand hectares dedicated to viticulture”, according to the survey.

From vineyard tours and wine tastings, the world of wine holds several possibilities to explore. If you are a wine lover, check out the top 10 countries to enjoy on your next holidays:

1. Italy

2. Portugal

3. Spain

4. France

5. New Zealand

6. Greece

7. Chile

8. Argentina

9. Australia