“We have criteria that are urgent, that go ahead of others and that are quite simple, which is a person who lives in a municipal home without a bathroom – I will repeat, because I myself thought this no longer existed – someone who lives in a house and does not have a bathroom”, said the councillor for Housing in the Lisbon Chamber, Filipa Roseta (PSD), indicating that these residents, who don’t veen have basic services, pay rent to the municipality and are not tenants of GEBALIS - Gestão do Arrendamento da Habitação Municipal de Lisboa.

As part of a hearing on the municipal budget for 2022, with the deputies of the Lisbon Municipal Assembly, the councillor revealed that the current municipal executive, who took on 18 October, through the works department, solved “five cases, which were top priority, in very short times, because they were unspeakable situations, which cannot exist in municipal housing”.

“We cannot have people in those conditions in our own homes, so I even ask the presidents of the board, if you know of cases such as these, then say, because this is not acceptable”, reinforced Filipa Roseta.

Without mentioning the number of housing situations considered unworthy, the mayor assured that they are identified within the scope of the local housing strategy of the municipality of Lisbon and that the executive's commitment is to "eradicate" these cases, without a yet defined deadline.