“We are going to take advantage of the PRR [Recovery and Resilience Plan] to carry out a set of very important investments, in order to ensure in the coming years that Madeira produces 50% of its electricity from renewable sources”, said Miguel Albuquerque.

Miguel Albuquerque indicated that the objective of the Regional Government (PSD/CDS-PP) is to reach 50% by 2026, based on several projects financed by the Recovery and Resilience Plan, such as the remodelling of the Serra de Água hydroelectric plants (15 million euros) and Calheta (6 ME), the reinforcement of the battery plants in Madeira (12 ME) and Porto Santo (10 ME) and the replacement of 150 thousand traditional meters with smart meters (21.5 ME).

“We are going to invest, in the next few years, 69 million euros, with the objective of achieving 50% of electricity production from renewable sources, ensuring that Madeira is at the forefront in this matter, especially in the outermost regions of Europe, reducing the ecological footprint and the emission of greenhouse gases”, he said.

All projects in the energy sector in the autonomous region are guided by the Madeira Electricity Company (EEM), under the supervision of the Regional Government, the most recent being the Madeira Battery Power Plant.

The new infrastructure will improve the efficiency of the electricity production system on the island of Madeira, using lithium-ion technology batteries and advanced power electronics, which will allow the optimization of its own generation assets and the integration of more “green” energy.