"The Public Prosecutor's Office issued an indictment on 17 January, for trial in ordinary proceedings and by a single court, against the defendant, a doctor at Setúbal Hospital Centre, for the crime of negligent homicide," reads a note posted on the Setúbal district website.

According to the note, "the facts occurred on 6 February 2018, in the obstetrics emergency services and are related to the delivery of a dead foetus".

As reported at the time by TVI, a 30-week pregnant woman was admitted to the emergency room of St Bernard's hospital with contractions, and the tests done at the time revealed that the fetus was in distress and the pregnant woman "with high blood pressure and with a significant amount of protein in the urine".

In these conditions, the doctors concluded that they would have to go ahead with the birth, but that only happened three hours later.

In statements to TVI, the parents said that "there were failures", so they decided to advance with a complaint in court.