According to a statement from the DGS, this measure, with immediate effect, "has an exceptional character, given the context of the pandemic, and is justified at a time when temperatures remain low".

"Additionally, most of the vulnerable and priority population is already vaccinated", points out the DGS, adding that this extension to people over 50 years old, has already been communicated to the Regional Health Administrations.

Health centes and Family Health Units “will also have a reinforcement in the stock of more vaccines, in order to be able to vaccinate people belonging to risk groups without the need for a medical prescription”, adds the statement.

In December, free flu vaccination had already been extended to citizens between the ages of 60 and 64, a group for whom vaccination was already recommended, but who had to purchase the vaccine at the pharmacy.

Portugal has administered more than 2.5 million flu vaccines - 484,826 in pharmacies - since September 1, 2021, of which more than 1.7 million are over 65 years old.

Those over 50 can self-schedule at