After having seen the price of electricity used to charge an electric car on 1 January increase by 9.8% (during peak hours) and 7.5% (during off-peak hours), in the middle of the month, Galp customers have been surprised by a new notice of tariff updates that will come into effect as of February 1.

According to a report by ECO, with this second increase, prices will be 5.6% higher during peak hours and 4.5% off-peak hours. If the comparison is made, for example, for a customer who joined Galp Electric with the prices charged in October 2021, we are talking about a 16% jump in value of electricity to charge a car at peak hours.

The company justifies the increases as “reflecting the financial support granted” to consumers “by the Environmental Fund on the tariff of the Electric Mobility Management Entity (EGME), as well as the updating of tariffs for access to the networks”.

In practice, we are talking about a value per kWh in electric mobility that went from 0.163 euros in 2021 to 0.179 on 1 January and 0.189 euros on 1 February 2022.

“As announced at the end of November, Galp updated the final electricity prices as of January 1, 2022, with the new price reflecting the increase in the cost of energy acquisition, as well as the forecast for a reduction in access tariffs to networks, announced by ERSE for 2022. The new Galp Electric tariff prices result from this January increase and a subsequent adjustment, in February, resulting from the end of financial support related to the exemption of part of the tariff from the Mobility Management Entity Electric (EGME)”, the company told ECO.