"It is intended, with this investment, to build one of the largest industrial zones in the North and in the country," he indicated.

According to the mayor, the work will be carried out in phases, with the first (the current one) comprising around 40 percent of the total area, corresponding to 280,000 square metres.

The construction component will cost around 3.5 million euros and expropriation will cost 1.5 million euros.

The chief executive pointed out that for around two years he led the negotiation process with the owners (around a hundred), which made it possible to acquire the land in a "friendly manner", in most cases.

The work, which has already started, is co-financed to the tune of 1.5 million euros by the European Regional Development Fund, as part of an application submitted by the municipality, and includes earth moving, execution of wastewater and rainwater drainage networks, execution of a water supply network and paving of roads.

The industrial area is located next to the Revinhade junction of the A11 motorway, and comprises areas in the parishes of Torrados, Penacova, Regilde, Sousa and Revinhade.

Nuno Fonseca points out that "this investment will boost investment in the county, with land infrastructure at affordable prices for the context of the county (15 to 20 euros a square meter), enhancing its attractiveness and diversifying the activity in a county that has the footwear sector predominant.

"It is essential to create more jobs, diversifying the sectors," he said.

For the mayor, that new ZI will also be an opportunity for current entrepreneurs of Felgueiras, particularly those who have their factories in residential areas, to create new and modern facilities.

In parallel, he stressed to Lusa, regulations are being prepared to guarantee investors even better conditions to choose Felgueiras to install their units.

To Lusa, the mayor stressed that Felgueiras will have an industrial area "idealized, planned and built from scratch," the first of its kind in that municipality in the district of Porto.