According to statistical data updated today, the Member State with the highest average of new infections per million inhabitants in seven days is still Denmark, with 7,120, followed by Slovenia (6,340), Estonia (5,210), Netherlands (4,760) and Latvia (4,680).

Portugal appears sixth on the list, improving over the previous week, with an average of 4,270 cases, compared to 5,480 last Monday.

Worldwide in this indicator, and considering only countries and territories with more than one million inhabitants, Denmark is also at the top of the list, followed by Slovenia, Israel (5,630), Georgia (5,450).

The European average on this indicator dropped this week from 2,810 to 2,450, while the world average dropped from 416 to 352.

As for the average daily deaths attributed to Covid-19, it rose this week in Portugal from 4 to 5.1, slightly above the European average, which this week rose from 3.9 to 4.3.

The Member State with the highest average of seven-day daily deaths is Bulgaria with 12.6, followed by Croatia with 12.6, Greece (10), Slovenia (8.1) and Hungary (7.6).

The European average for this indicator is 4.3 and the world average is 1.3.

Bosnia and Herzegovina (15.9), North Macedonia (13.4), Bulgaria, Croatia and Greece are the countries with more than one million inhabitants that have the highest averages of daily deaths attributed to Covid-19 worldwide in the last seven days.