The "Eurobarometer" survey of autumn 2021 promoted by the European Parliament in the middle of the legislature and still in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, reveals that public health is elected as the subject that European citizens consider should be treated as a priority by the European Assembly (42%), followed by the fight against poverty and social exclusion (40%) and the fight against climate change (39%).

In Portugal, however, the percentage of respondents choosing public health as the top political priority reaches 72%, a figure 30 points above the EU average and which leaves the second and third countries, Cyprus, at a considerable distance (61%) and Spain (60%).

With respondents being able to choose up to a maximum of four priorities, the Portuguese choose next the fight against poverty and social exclusion (61%) and support for the economy and job creation (60%), while the fight against climate change comes fourth (41%).

This autumn “Eurobarometer” of the European Parliament was carried out between 1 November and 2 December 2021 in the 27 EU Member States, with a total of 26,510 interviews and 1,004 people being surveyed in Portugal.

The EU results are weighted according to the population size of each country.