Begoña True was born in South Africa and grew up in Spain, where she started drawing and painting from a very early age, “Since I can remember, I always had a colouring pencil in my hand and I especially liked drawing.”

“It was the way I expressed myself, I do know it is a part of me and I can’t live without it and I think it is because somehow I created my world, a world that I would like to live in; a world filled with love, beauty, sweetness and nurturing”.

Magic realism

Begoña’s fantastic creations are done in watercolours or acrylics when she paints realism, magic realism and surrealism and for her children book illustrations she uses coloured pencils. In the field of realism, she paints city architecture, landscapes and animals, and portraits by commission. In the scope of surrealism, she paints magical landscapes and scenes that she imagines.”

Begoña moved to Portugal in 2010 and lives just outside Faro, which she loves, explaining that “Faro is great for public transport which works well as she dislikes driving.” She told me that “the Algarve has so much to offer”, she loves the nature and the ocean which inspires her as a creative, “one pretty thing about the Algarve compared to Spain is how the beaches are preserved”.”

“When I lived in Spain the buildings are right on top of the beach which is not the same. The Algarve gives me a bit of everything and Faro is a busy city with lots of people from all over the world and you also get to enjoy nature and the beaches.”


Begoña affirmed that the Algarve has inspired her work, particularly through the water colour paintings she has done of the Algarve, “one day I was going for a walk and I thought it was so pretty that I started taking pictures of the doors, buildings, boats and even storks and I decided to paint them with watercolours and they were very popular but I still have some left on my website.”

She then told me that “A lot of people think my illustrations are just for children but it is also for adults, I think many adults forget that all that beauty, sweetness and tenderness can be for adults as well.”

“When you grow up, the world is a rough place and then people tend to toughen up to be able to deal with the world and to be successful and just to survive many times. That innocence is left behind and people think it is not part of the adult world and I think maybe it should be. My illustrations are for children and adults especially because I think it would be nice for adults to recover that part of themselves.” What really captured my attention when it came to Begoña’s work and now a new particular favourite of mine is called “Nurturing Nature”, this piece really stood out to me. The scene is of plants giving a massage to a lady who is lying on a flower and it encapsulates the beauty and calm of nature and moreover the beauty of this artists imagination.

Begoña True and her fantastic creations

Fantasy stories

Additionally, Begoña has written and illustrated two of her own fantasy stories called “What a journey!” and “Isabel and her Magic Land” which are written in a poem format that she is currently re-editing but please keep an eye out as it will also be available to buy in the future. Begoña affirmed that she does commissions for the joy of it and she has also done illustrations for a handful of authors so if any authors are looking for an illustrator or if anyone would like to commission one of her illustrations or paintings, please do reach out to her.

When asked if there are any artists who she enjoys, Begoña told me that “surrealist painter and sculptor, Vladimir Kush and painter of magic realism, Rob Gonsalves” come to mind. Begoña also loves music and reading as it transports her to another world, sharing that when she was sixteen she read “The Neverending Story” which really touched her heart, especially the chapter where he creates a new world and that it was the most inspiring thing she ever read.”

I asked Begoña what advice she would give to aspiring artists and she kindly shared this with me “I grew up in the social environment, where art is something, you didn’t do for a living and everybody discouraged me to go into art but I made that choice because I am an artist and it was heart breaking to give that up.”

“I would say don’t listen to anybody, listen to what makes you happy and what brings you joy, if you are doing something and it is bothering you in some way, leave it and I am not saying abruptly but do what makes you happy.”

“That being said you cannot be blind, this is important for painters and creators, too many of them follow what is in fashion and you should never do that. You have something unique inside you and you should express that.”

Looking to the future

We ended our conversation with her hopes for the future, in which she told me “It would be as simple as living in a world that is safe, full of love and respect, you don’t need to like everything, just respect everyone and everything.” “I am certainly being who I am in this world, I would like the feelings of safety, love, joy and playfulness of my drawings to be real, that is my hope.” Begoña plans to continue expanding on her work as she told me there is even more to express and that she would love people to see her work and to have her work exhibited so if anyone knows where she could exhibit her work please do get in touch with this delightful artist.

You can enjoy Begoña’s beautiful illustrations by purchasing her “Colouring Book: Libro para colorear” off Amazon and once her stories are re-edited, they will also be available to purchase. For more information about Begoña True and to get in touch with her for commissions, please see her website at

For more information about Begoña True and to get in touch with her for commissions, please see her website at

You can also follow Begoña on Instagram at @begoniatrue and on Facebook at