This period coincides with half term school holidays in the United Kingdom and Faro airport has more than 100 daily flights planned for the week, the president of RTA, João Fernandes, told Publituris.

“It is necessary that these planes arrive full”, said the president of Turismo do Algarve, noting that “we have been witnessing, since the removal of restrictions in our outbound markets and in Portugal, that the load factor of the planes has been increase, and at the beginning of February it was already 50%, results that are starting to make operations more appealing, and will allow the main airlines to resume their capacity with some speed”.

According to João Fernandes, the easing of restrictions in Portugal has had two major effects, on the one hand, it generates consumer confidence, and makes travel easier, while the end of the obligation to present a Covid-19 test, makes the cost of the trip less onerous. These factors are having a positive impact on tourism in the Algarve, as travel bookings to the region have soared, predicting a strong demand from foreign tourists, especially from the British, the main tourist market in the Algarve.