According to the daily epidemiological bulletin, 2,141 people are hospitalised today, 129 less than on Tuesday, while in intensive care units there are 142 people, minus five, although not all hospitalisations are due to Covid-19.

The number of active cases declined today to 536,483, 352 fewer than on Tuesday, and in the last 24 hours, 20,347 people were reported to have recovered for a total of 2,574,750.

In the last 24 hours, 13,672 contacts were no longer under surveillance, but the health authorities keep 561,116 people in these conditions.

Since March 2020, 3,131,889 people have been infected with SARS-CoV-2 in Portugal and 20,666 deaths associated with Covid-19 have been declared.

Of the deaths with covid-19 in the last 24 hours, 16 occurred in the North region, 12 in the Lisbon and Tagus Valley area, 12 in the Centre region, two in the Algarve, two in the Alentejo and two in the Autonomous Region of Madeira.

By age, two of the people with Covid-19 who died in the last 24 hours were between 40 and 49 years old, two between 50 and 59, two between 60 and 69 years old, seven between 70 and 79 years old and 33 were 80 years old or older.

Most of the new contagions were diagnosed in the Lisbon and Tagus Valley region, with 6,831 infections totalling 1,111,346 cases and 8,610 deaths of people with Covid-19 since the beginning of the pandemic.

In the North region there are 5,594 more infections, totalling 1,198,738 contagions and 6,313 deaths associated with covid-19 since March 2020, while the Central region registers 3,819 new cases (464,530 in total and 3,665 deaths).

In the Algarve, 1,371 people were infected in the last 24 hours (total of 125,751 infections and 666 deaths with covid-19) and in Alentejo another 1,060 (total of 109,416 cases and 1,153 deaths).

In the autonomous region of the Azores, 797 infections were diagnosed in the last 24 hours, for a total of 49,488 cases since the beginning of the pandemic and 80 deaths attributed to Covid-19, while in Madeira there were 569 new infections, for a total of 72,630 and 179 deaths with Covid-19.

SARS-CoV-2 has infected at least 1,668,524 women and 1,460,583 men in Portugal. There are still 2,792 cases of unknown sex that are under investigation, as these data are not provided automatically.