Installation works are scheduled to “start in March, with the objective of starting operations in mid-2024. In total, there will be 160,000 square metres of land, of which 40,000 are built-up areas”, adds the press release.

“For the second phase, the ALDI project provides for the expansion of facilities and the creation of another 100 jobs”, the publication also notes, indicating that the multinational will occupy “two of the five new platforms destined to establish industries in the Business Area”.

Cited by the communiqué, the mayor, Alberto Costa, added that “the estimated global investment value in the new lands of this business area is €130 million, which represents an extraordinary added value for the county’s economy, foreseeing the creation of about 800 jobs”.

The note describes that the Detailed Plan for Quinta da Chinesa has an area of ​​intervention of 34.8 hectares and, after the public discussion period, will be voted on by the municipal executive.