“It is, in our view, a priority, because the conditions no longer require it, it is no longer necessary to use digital certificates to access some commercial spaces, restaurants and even clubs and bars that have been heavily penalised”, argued the Chega leader.

André Ventura considered that “the use of a mask no longer makes sense globally, that is, for all circumstances and should be maintained only under specific circumstances”.

“The rule will no longer be a mask inside and should become a mask when indicated in specific conditions recommended by the Directorate-General for Health (DGS), possibly in very small spaces, in areas of special gatherings”, he added.

Ventura said that “it is now relatively consensual in the scientific community that the pandemic has entered a new phase, an endemic phase”, that the peak of cases has already been exceeded.

“I think that the Council of Ministers that will take place tomorrow has all the conditions to be able to move forward with a new set of measures”, he advocated.