From our perspective of Love and Limitlessness, it is obvious to all of “Us” on this side of the veil, that humanity in general, including most of those who have applied for Ascension in this life, share a common problem you are not aware of. Whether you are willing to admit it or not, the fact remains that most of you, if not all, hold a great fear of your “I AM Presence” and of embracing your divinity.

You may remember from last week, Your I AM Presence is your Divine Spark of God. It is your part of God. As such your I AM Presence is unlimited. By connecting and embracing your I AM Presence you can achieve your glorious Ascension in Love and into transcendent Light. In fact with the unlimited power of your I AM Presence acting through you, you can achieve whatever your Heart’s desire. To connect with your I AM Presence call it in each day simply by saying “I wish My I AM Presence to come into my heart to guide me, heal me, love me, resurrect me and transform me back to my true Divine blueprint”.

You have been relentlessly programmed over the centuries and millennia by those of the shadow side, who have ruled various aspects of your planet, to fear what you do not fully understand, and to reject or fight it. Your souls are profoundly imprinted with that erroneous signature of fear. You have also been imprinted with the belief that you are a poor sinner, not worthy of Love. You have all been imprinted with the thoughts and feeling of unworthiness, despair and hopelessness.

Now I ask you to contemplate this state of consciousness thoroughly because it is a major obstacle to Ascension. We urge you to heal and transform that debilitating state. When you heal those parasitic imprints in your consciousness and fully recognize your true nature, it will be easy for you to perceive the wonders of your divinity and simply embrace them. You will simply step into your divinity like you do an old shoe.

I admit that to attain full healing and transformation of the former consciousness will take work, processing and forgiveness. Nevertheless, this is the healing required to pass through all the initiations of the Seven Great Temples. By working with the Seven Sacred Flames on a daily basis focusing on the Flame that is amplified on the specific day, you will notice profound changes in your energies. To Recap, Sunday is the Yellow Ray of Illumination and as you focus on this Yellow Ray you open yourself to Divine Wisdom. Monday is Blue Ray where you surrender to your Divine Will, your I AM Presence. Tuesday is Pink Ray where you call in Divine Love the power of Creation. Wednesday is Green Ray when Healing and Abundance are highlighted. Thursday is Gold Ray when you focus on Resurrecting your Divine Presence. Friday is Diamond White Ray when you focus on bringing together your human-self and I AM Presence. Saturday is Violet Ray, the Ray that you use to transmute negativity and transform your life.

I repeat, “it does not have to be hard or painful.” In fact, you can make a game of it, perceiving it to be the greatest adventure of all your lifetimes put together, and ride the wave of Ascension in Joy, Love, Harmony and Peace, transforming all challenges into Divine Grace.

From The Book “The Seven Sacred Flames” By Aurelia Louis Jones.