Portugal EasyCamp is a new network of farms and vineyards that allows travellers to enjoy rural life for 24 hours. While supporting the community and promoting the small businesses of local producers, campers are living an unforgettable experience.

This alternative to campsites allows travellers to get into private farms - inaccessible until now - where they can be in contact with nature and taste local products as well as delight in the beautiful sunshine in the hills.

In addition, the experience of staying on these private lands is free. You only need to pay for a welcome pack of local products at the price they are sold at the market and you will be kindly invited by the farmer to stay there for 24 hours with your motorhome. “What the client pays is exactly the value of the products they are buying”, said Teresa Matos, manager and co-founder of Portugal EasyCamp.

Teresa Matos launched this project in 2019, months before the pandemic boom. “In Europe this concept started 28 years ago in France, so they are the gurus of the concept – of connecting motorhomes to farmers, craftsmen and wineries”, she told The Portugal News.

However, Teresa has created a pioneer scheme in Portugal that gives more flexibility to the clients, since they don’t have to pay an annual fee to use this service. “While in other countries people pay for an annual subscription, our clients only pay for what they actually consume on the farm. We are looking for those clients who really want to get to know the farmers, their products and their history,” she added.

With campers ranging from 20 to 70 years old, the feedback has been great since the beginning of the project and the number of participating farms has increased. Currently, the online platform includes 60 farms and vineyards across the country, namely in Alentejo, with a very diverse offer of local products (such as wine, honey, olive oil) from €13 to €46.

To enjoy this experience, all you need is a motorhome, which you can rent even if you don't have one. “We realised that several people, who had never owned a motorhome, were very keen in the concept and we quickly stepped in to give those who don't have a motorhome the possibility to rent one with our outsourcing partners,” Teresa said.

If you are interested in such an experience and want to book a night in a farm or vineyard, just access the Portugal EasyCamp website where you select the map and then just choose the farm you want according to the route you want. Additionally, you can even use the filters if you're looking for something more specific, whether it's pet friendly or a place with electricity for your motorhome. Then the farm will be informed that you will visit them on the chosen day.


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Paula Martins