Located at 721 Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, the luxury apartment covers 240 square metres and has panoramic views of the famous Central Park.

Cristiano Ronaldo bought it in 2015 from Alessandro Proto, an Italian real estate investor and partner of Donald Trump, for 18.5 million dollars (16.3 million euros). He's now sold it for $7.18 million, less than half.

The Portuguese player put the apartment up for sale for the first time in 2019, at the time for around nine million dollars (7.95 million euros) and, in 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, he lowered the price to 7.99 million dollars. (7.05 million euros).

“Definitely [Cristiano] paid too much [for the apartment]. So that ends up answering part of the question of how much is the loss,” says Dolly Lenz, an expert in luxury real estate, quoted by the Realtor website. “It was the perfect storm of Covid and bad luck,” she adds, noting that New York real estate consultants were on lockdown and not allowed to visit properties.