According to a report by ECO, the new resort, which will be a “true 5 star”, is to open in three years.

The promoter Coporgest is to invest €116 million in the construction of the resort with 58 rooms and suites, 38 villas and 91 tourist apartments, on land that was purchased from Sonae Capital. With a spa, saltwater pools, two restaurants and even a heliport.

It is another tourist bet in the Tróia area, this time by Coporgest, in partnership with an “international luxury chain”, whose name has not been revealed, says a statement sent this Monday by the property developer. “We had been looking for an opportunity on this coast for a long time, but everything that appeared to us was too similar to all other ventures”, says Sérgio Ferreira, founder and CEO of Coporgest, quoted in a statement. “When this land appeared, a two-minute walk from the beach, we didn't hesitate”, he added.

Located on “land very close to the beach”, the new resort includes a five-star hotel with 58 rooms and suites, 38 villas of types V2, V3 and V4 and 91 tourist apartments with types T1, T2 and T3 — “all units will have a view of the sea”. There will also be a gym, spa, saltwater pools, two restaurants, a kid’s club and an emergency heliport.

“Until today, a true 5-star has never been created in the Tróia/Comporta area and we believe that the region needs a highly qualified unit”, says Sérgio Ferreira. The future resort will be installed on the land that Coporgest acquired from Sonae Capital in December 2020, and which for many years housed the former Tróia Camping Park, which was deactivated in the late 1980s.

Environmental issues

Coporgest says that “priority will be given to environmental issues, promoting energy self-sufficiency and good management of water resources, in a property that will not have cars in sight”. A public car park will be built, “with the aim of guaranteeing free access to the beach”.

“The objective is to transfer to this property the constructive quality and luxury finishes that we have always used in our developments, adopting an architectural language adjusted to the Comporta area and compliance with environmental standards that guarantee that the dune system will not be harmed“, underlines the CEO of Coporgest, mentioning that the target audience is “Portuguese and foreigners”.