Message from Lord Adama
All of the Seven Rays of God are important. None of them can be neglected nor put aside. They all work together in perfect harmony to assist the restoration of your soul and your lost paradise. Self-realization and God-mastery come from the diligent application of these Flames. You are the “responsible” architect of your life. These immortal and eternal Flames of God will work for you as you work with them. No one can interfere with your free will and no one can do it for you. Spiritual progress is brought forth as the result of daily application of God’s Laws, God’s energies through the seven main rays, and the clearing of one’s karma and emotional body.
Each day, it is most important that you set time aside to do your spiritual work. Invoking the Sacred Flames and their attributes opens the channels to receive deeper understanding of cosmic laws. Breathe, invoke and fill yourself with these wondrous energies. In your meditation, connect with the energy of these Flames as you contact your Divine Essence and your guides, diligently applying what is shown to you. Seek to lift the veil of mortal illusions and reconnect with the magic and power of the original intent of God for your eternal journey into greater purpose and destiny. Our assistance is also available to you for the asking; a simple prayer request from your heart brings us into your forcefield instantly in answer to your call.

How to use these Affirmations
I would like to suggest that you may choose to use these sayings in any way that feels right to you personally. There is no right or wrong way to use it. Simply follow the nudging of your heart and Soul.
With this in mind, allow me to make some practical suggestions for those who are wondering how much time or how many Prayers one should do each day to make a difference for themselves and the World. The most effective way to engage yourself in these Prayers is “with Intention and a Loving Heart.” Love with joy is the key. It is best to say each Prayer vocally for maximum effect.
At first, utter each Prayer slowly once and spend time to truly feel the light energy you have just invoked in your heart centre. Feel each word as Pearls of Light and the nurturing reaction it creates within you. Once you have allowed yourself to feel it, you may wish to repeat each Prayer three times or even more. Each time you repeat a Prayer the way I just explained, you build momentum, allowing the Light you invoke to expand in a greater manner to bless you and others you are praying for. Parts of some Prayers are meant to be spoken at a more accelerated pace to create more energy to create a greater momentum.
The most effective Affirmations are those which are deeply felt from the heart centre in Love. The Affirmation then becomes a meditation and the process becomes One with God, making contact with the Source of your Being. You may choose to do as many Prayers as you wish each day. Prayers that are repeated too fast in a robotic way are not very effective and bring little transformation, if any.
Everything in the Universe is made of Light from the Creators Love. Prayers, Affirmations and Decrees are tools to invoke Light of the Creators Love. From The Light we came, and to the Light we are destined to return. If you wish to ascend, and live in the Realms of Love and Light, it is important that you apply yourself in increasing your “Light Quotient” daily by invoking in Love the very Light you wish to become.

From the Heart of the Creator
Here is a quote from the Heart of the Creator via Lord Adama who adds… Know, beloved ones, that as you read our material, we are there with you assisting your process.“As you become again Christed beings, all you will experience is the most tender Love. I ask you to go into your heart and feel how much I love you personally, as well as every human being. Everyone is so precious, so beautiful, so amazing and unique! My heart seeks only to show you this, and to give you the Love that is your heritage. Surrender into Love, children of my Heart!“The truth of Love that I AM is a web of Life so strong and so full, so perfect in its holographic nature, that everything is making love with everything else.This is where I am taking you back to.“The ‘Attitude of Gratitude’ will speed you on your way with so much Grace! Be blessed, my beloved children. I am calling you back ‘home’ to my Heart, where never again will you know sorrow or lack of any kind, and you will be blessed without measure. I will lay at your feet all the Treasures of Heaven! This is my Will for you. These are the gifts that I am longing to bestow upon all of you.”