The announcement was made by the ministers of State and Finance, João Leão, and of Environment and Climate Action, João Pedro Matos Fernandes.

João Leão stressed that the increase in the Autovoucher discount in March was an "extraordinary" measure.

The Autovoucher was one of the measures taken by the Government at the end of last year, along with others, with the aim of mitigating the impact of the rise in fuel prices, with the expectation that this upward trend would be temporary.

Launched at the beginning of November, the Autovoucher consists of granting a refund of 10 cents per litre, up to a limit of 50 litres of fuel per month, to consumers registered on the IVAucher platform, (the amount equivalent to €5).

The Minister of Finance stressed that the Autovoucher has almost 1.6 million beneficiaries and, so far, has reimbursed €26 million.

The announcement by the Ministry of Finance comes after the Secretary of State for Energy announced that there would be measures to mitigate the rise in fuel, which next week will be 14 and 8 cents/litre in diesel and gasoline.