The panel of judges decided to acquit an electrician from Figueira da Foz who was accused of installing illegal television boxes, as well as the alleged 37 customers of this allegedly illegitimate service, noting that at no time was it proven that the main defendant had received anything from the activity.

Regarding the 37 alleged service customers, the Coimbra Court considered that there was no question of a crime of illegitimate access, because it was not understood that any defendant had managed to enter the computer system of the operator NOS.

In relation to the main defendant, the Coimbra Court considered that he could not be convicted of any of the 37 crimes of computer fraud of which he was accused, because it was not proved that the devices created by him (which would be quite “handmade”) reduced or change telecommunications services.

As for the 38 crimes of manufacturing and selling illicit devices, it was also not proved that the defendant had demanded any financial compensation.

The Coimbra Court also dismissed NOS’ claim for compensation, considering that “it was not shown” that the operator had suffered any damage, because it was not proved that any of the defendants would have entered into a contract with NOS if they had not installed the system provided by the main defendant.