All four officers where very polite and could understand my plight as it would stop me from visiting any restaurants on this river road.

I have a fully adapted motorhome for my disability which is similar to spina bifida. My motorhome enables me to travel so much more and it’s been a fantastic purchase for me, for your information it has hand controls/ side access lift for the wheelchair/ adapted bathroom

It gives me so much more in life enabling me to have adapter bathroom which stops the worry when traveling about finding adapted toilets & enabling me to transport my Batec Handbike & wheelchair together, I’m so glad I did the investment and purchased it.

I have found in the past all sorts of issues with Taxis/Hotels/Trains etc, I could tell you lots of bad experiences.

I am extremely annoyed that the town hall has decided to implement these restrictions without considering the impact on disabled people like myself.

I have visited this restaurant numerous times, mainly out of season as I like their live music nights. I have done this twice so far as my motorhome enables me to eat here without the worry of whether their bathroom is suitable, also if I choose to drink then me and my partner are able to sleep in the van afterwards. I don’t have the luxury of being able to get into a taxi and go back to a hotel so I am extremely disappointed with these new regulations that have been brought in. I’m sure they must contravene the disability act.

I don't understand restricting the whole road all day for this type of vehicle. It’s a large road

You need to find a solution for adapted vehicles like mine.

Your town is lovely and has lot of things. I like it but this has ruined my future plans/visits.

I had already discussed with my family that when visiting us in May this year, about doing a weekend trip to your town, and they could stay in the main hotel. I was hoping that I could stay in the van a short distance away in the motorhome, but now your blanket clamp down on motorhome has ruined this idea and I think I will have to start hunting for another town.

Another issue I would like to make you aware of. I recently tried to park close to “Gran-Plaza shopping centre”, I found this very difficult. The rough bit of ground outside that motorhomes where using, is extremely uneven and impossible to push my wheelchair across. My lift needs 1.5 metres clearance to work, so I have to be mindful that about positioning my vehicle not to get blocked in

Let’s hope someone sees sense and works on solutions for all to enjoy your lovely town.

Mark, By email