Uber Portugal will increase the prices of trips in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area as of this Friday, 11 March. According to the company, the decision is due to the “increase in demand” resulting from the lack of lockdown in recent months, but also at a time when the cost of a litre of fuel has never been so expensive, both in gasoline and diesel.

According to a report by ECO, minimum tariffs suffer the most significant increases. For UberX, the low-cost modality of the platform, the minimum fare rises from 2.50 euros to 3.25 euros, as in the modalities UberX Saver, Uber Green and Uber Assist. This is the amount charged to passengers regardless of travel distance.

In the Uber XL modality (cars that can carry more than five people), the change is even greater, increasing, in particular, by 1.20 euros: from 4 euros, it goes to 5.20 euros. However, the modality with the most considerable increase is Uber Black, which increases the minimum fare by 1.50 euros. The new minimum fares for Uber Comfort and Uber Connect are set at 4 euros.

This increase goes into effect for an indefinite period and, for now, there is no set date for price changes in other cities, “which will always depend on the local reality”. However, the platform points out that prices may be revised again in the future, “if there are new variations in demand”.