These numbers were given to ECO by the Ministry of Labour. In less than two weeks, the total number of offers made available by national companies soared from the 2,000 initially registered to the current 20,000.

As the office of Ana Mendes Godinho had already explained, among the registered offers, there is a “huge diversity of desired professions, with the main sectors with job offers placed being information technology, transport (drivers), catering and hospitality, social and civil construction”.

The sectors that have the greatest weight in the available offers are, coincidentally, those that have recorded a greater shortage of human resources, but the unions (both UGT and CGTP) have already come to warn that it is necessary to guarantee that refugees arriving in Portugal will have jobs appropriate to their skills, with corresponding and dignified remuneration.

The IEFP will also “provide courses in Portuguese as a Host Language for Ukrainian citizens who arrive in Portugal” and the Government approved this Thursday, in the Council of Ministers, a decree-law that simplifies the recognition of the professional qualifications of these refugees, which should facilitate professional integration. In addition, the automatic assignment of a tax, social security and user identification number to these citizens had already received a “green light”.