“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs seeks to obtain information on possible Portuguese citizens who were at the military base in Yavoriv, ​​Ukraine, and so far cannot confirm their location”, reads a note sent by the ministry to Lusa.

The military base in Yavoriv, ​​Ukraine – which is located less than 25 kilometres from the Polish border – was bombed by Russia, causing, according to Ukrainian authorities, at least 35 deaths and leaving 134 wounded.

The Russian Defense Ministry claims that the bombing killed "at least 180 foreign mercenaries".

According to CNN Portugal, four Portuguese, from Vila Nova de Gaia, were present at the Yavoriv military base, with their whereabouts not being known.

Not to travel

In the note sent to Lusa, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs “strongly insists that, given the situation in the country, no Portuguese citizen travels to Ukraine”.

“Those who still do so are requested to at least signal to the Consular Emergency Office that they are travelling to that country”, says the ministry.

This military base in Yavoriv served, in recent years, as a training ground for Ukrainian forces under the supervision of foreign instructors, mainly Americans and Canadians.

The Yavoriv base was also one of the main centres used for joint military exercises between Ukrainian and NATO forces. Foreign troops left Ukraine shortly before the Russian invasion began.