“There are already more than 10 thousand people in just over two weeks, almost two thirds are women, that is, 59%”, said Cláudia Pereira.

Cláudia Pereira added that more than a third of the Ukrainians who have been welcomed in the country so far are children aged between 0 and 13 years old.

The official said that, in general terms, the profile of those arriving from Ukraine to Portugal is a “mother with two children”.

In terms of men, the majority are children or the elderly, given that young people and adults stayed in the country to fight, said the Secretary of State.

With regard to geographic distribution, Cláudia Pereira mentioned that all municipalities are receiving Ukrainians, especially the districts of Lisbon, Setúbal, Faro, Porto and Leiria.

The Secretary of State stressed that Portugal will host those that are necessary, not establishing any maximum number.

“I think none of us can imagine what these people went through, first to leave the country, then the suffering they are having and, therefore, we welcome those who are necessary to welcome”, she reinforced, adding that the Government removed as many obstacles as possible for the better integration of Ukrainians, creating from the outset, the temporary protection status due to the fact that they come from a war situation and the immediate residence permit.