Have you ever wondered where you can get treatments at a high price to quality ratio? Well, drive to Lagoa, park your car easily and for free in front of the Au fil du temps clinic, and get ready for a sophisticated experience, where the smallest of details are taken into account.

I speak from experience. When I got in the clinic, I noticed how clean, well decorated and well organised the space was. The owner, Vilma Walker Idrizi, is attentive to every detail and loves making things perfect. In addition to being a psychologist, Vilma has taken eight certified courses in the area of beauty before opening her own space.

“I have several courses because I only sell what I know. I'm not going to advise you on something I haven't done before. So when a customer asks something, I know exactly what I'm going to suggest. I want happy customers”, Vilma told The Portugal News.

In fact, she's not just a beauty lover, she's a woman who wants to help other women feel good in their own skin. Something she brings to her work every day that makes her a great professional. “I teach people to take care of themselves and then they can do it themselves at home,” she said.

The clinic, which opened last year but began to be developed in January 2022, has high qualified professionals, including a doctor who performs medical aesthetic treatments. The team also speaks several languages including English, French, German, Russian and Portuguese.

Of the various services that Au fil du temps offers, there is hairdressing, manicures, pedicures, lash extensions, acupuncture, radiofrequency therapy, osteopathy, podiatry, massage, hair removal (wax and laser), fat freezing for weight loss, massage and coaching.

Also, for golfers, Au fil du temps offers a range of treatments to promote the golfer's well-being, including coaching and osteopathy. According to Vilma: “Golf movements can have physical consequences, which is why it is so important for a golfer to have this specific follow-up from a professional who understands the specific needs of players.”

Despite the high quality of the services, the prices are actually very affordable. As an example, a waxing can cost from €5 and a facial treatment from €40.

Au fil du temps is sited in Lagoa, next to the Church and public library and only 2 km from Gramacho and Vale da Pinta Golf. If you would like to know more, please call 92 227 2000 or email aufildutemps2021@gmail.com.