The Portuguese Association for Consumers Rights (DECO) analysed the measures of 308 municipalities to face climate change and found out that 55 do not have plans. Among the municipalities that have plans, 172 have joined the intermunicipal plans, leaving only 81 municipalities prepared for climate change in Portugal.

DECO found that 93 percent of municipalities' websites do not provide information on their measures. Furthermore, 83 percent of the websites do not have information about the municipality's climate weaknesses or impacts that have already occurred and the climate weaknesses that will affect the municipality very soon.

The action or inaction of the chambers affects the behaviour of consumers on a daily basis. Mobility, housing, food, waste management and water efficiency are key areas of their intervention and have an important weight in the ecological footprint of citizens.

Deco said consumer engagement is essential, calling on everyone to assess their own municipality and share with them what it can do for you locally. “We want to ensure that consumers and municipalities are prepared, engaged and protected in relation to climate change. We will be your voice with the Council to demand specific measures that respond to the mentioned problems”, they highlighted.

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Paula Martins