In a press conference, in Passos Perdidos of the Assembly of the Republic, the communist parliamentary leader, Paula Santos, considered that “the cost of living is increasingly higher”, while wages and pensions “are increasingly smaller”.

National emergency

“These are problems that require solutions. Solutions that the PS refused and that the absolute majority of the PS leaves further away”, criticised Paula Santos, adding that the bench will present six legislative initiatives that the PCP considers necessary to respond to a “national emergency”.

The PCP will proceed with the presentation of a proposal to increase the minimum wage to €850 and another for the replacement of the payment of overtime, through the refund of the payment to 50% in the first hour, “75% in the hours and fractions and 100% in the case of a weekly rest day, mandatory or complementary, or on a public holiday”, continued Paula Santos, João Oliveira's successor in the leadership of the PCP bench.