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Rose Quartz, that was covered last week in The Portugal News, Citrine, Amethyst and Aventurine are some minerals that derive from quartz.

Jaspers, agates and chalcedony are in geology defined as varieties of microcrystalline quartz.

Crystal quartz, which is the colourless and most common variety, is also called white quartz, hyaline quartz or rock crystal.

Where is it found?

It’s found in all types of rock and is the most common mineral throughout the earth's crust. It is a silicate.

It is found all over the world and we can find it in several parts of Portugal.

On the Algarve coast, milky quartz (a more opaque variety, not so crystalline) is often found along with Calcite.

On the Costa Vicentina (west coast of Portugal) we can find crystalline and perfect quartz points sticking out of rocks scattered along the seashore. You just have to look carefully.

The benefits?

Crystal quartz is known as a general practitioner because it has knowledge and applications in all holistic aspects. It has the property of receiving, transmitting, activating, storing and amplifying energy. It helps you to tune in to healing energy, wisdom and intuition.

In the month that signals the beginning of spring, we chose this crystal to potentiate all the good energies that we emanate and that we need so much in the world right now.