In the section dedicated to birth support measures in the Government program, there is a commitment to ensure that day care centers are free of charge, progressively, until 2024, as had already been announced by the previous executive.

Family support

It is intended, “in partnership and with the involvement of different actors, including municipalities, a program to expand social responses to support the family, in particular for children and in territories with a more fragile network, namely by expanding the network of crèches, with an additional 20,000 new places and modernizing 18,000 places”, as well as the “universalization of pre-school education”.

In terms of measures to combat child poverty, the Government's program presents an increase in the deduction for dependents in terms of the IRS applicable from the second child onwards, a progressive increase from 600 to 900 euros, with a deduction from the collection of 750 euros in 2022 and 900 euros in 2023.