The OPP states in the document that hosting a person is not only about providing them a room, food and clothes, but also about having the availability to invest time to support them in their paperwork, access to education, health, getting a job, as well as the integration of refugees in the community, the OPP said.

"We all want to help, but when we make ourselves available to support refugees we need to be aware of our real capacity and availability. The OPP states that there are many ways to help and that everyone should choose those that best fit their resources and current situation.

"Once you know what the needs are, help can be as diverse as facilitating integration into the community, providing language skills, encouraging businesses and educational institutions to provide scholarships, jobs, housing or donations," the OPP pointed out.

Commitment, above all

Addressing those who are willing to take in refugees, the OPP warns them to always remember that they are "opening the doors" to their family space and that they must make "a commitment to avoid further suffering".

“As selfless as we are, we cannot underestimate the task. We must be aware that we do not know the people we are going to welcome. In addition, we will have to give up our privacy and there may be cultural differences”, said the OPP, stressing that “it is a decision to be taken as a family”, in line with the stage of life we are living in.

"Our role is to ease access to the psychological support people need," said the OPP, adding that it is important, once they leave, to accept emotions and feelings.

How do I become a host?

Since the beginning of the war, many people have shown their willingness to host refugees. Furthermore, the government has set up a platform (“Portugal for Ukraine”) where anyone can register to offer temporary accommodation. To do so, you just need to fill out the following form: