Nelson Veríssimo's team left for England today with the "ambition" to turn around the tie, aware that "by scoring a first goal", in Wednesday's match, "the tie changes", but also that the team cannot compromise defensive balance against an opponent like Liverpool.

“Naturally, our objective is to score a goal first, because that is what puts us in a tie, knowing that we cannot concede a goal. Therefore, we have to play a very balanced game”.

Without stopping, Veríssimo recalled that it is necessary “to recognise that there is a disadvantage of two goals” and that, therefore, Benfica cannot “play the game in a very open way”, since this can “create spaces for Liverpool to enjoy”.

Key to success

In this sense, the 'key' to success will be "having the ability and consistency to withstand the initial impetus" of Liverpool.

“Our moment will come, our opportunity will come, our goal will come. Then we have to ensure our balance and consistency, and that is what we prepared the team for and certainly tomorrow [Wednesday], recognising that it will be difficult, we will go with that ambition and with the belief that it is possible”, he insisted.