However, with the ongoing war in Ukraine and subsequent diplomatic and economic ripple effects, the dynamic of the US leading the international system with their ideals of western liberal democracy is being questioned.

Foreign policy failures in Afghanistan and Eastern Europe play into the argument of the United States not being an effective leader in global politics, today. This is coupled with the potential challenges to the USD that may arise within the energy industry as the ruble and yuan seems to be more attractive currencies for several states.

As markets and international forums are not currently convinced of a particular path forward, the citizens must be aware of our realities. I encourage more conversation about the current structure of Western politics and how it affects the world at large. More so, all persons need to take heed of how a possibly-faltering America is going to affect what they can put on their plates, what they can wear on their backs and what roof they can have over their heads.

Jade-Mark Sonilal, University of the West Indies

Trinidad and Tobago, By Email