After shining in France, the MJ Development group threw itself into Mauritius and recently arrived in Portuguese lands to build a new project - Quinta de Faro.

The company has already designed a wide variety of real estate products in France, but it is in the Portuguese and Mauritian markets that they are now focusing their efforts. "We've decided to offer only top-of-the-range products" at these two locations.

We wonder why? Mainly, “these are stable markets that provide a clear, secure and transparent legal framework for investors”.

Mauritius and the Algarve

“Mauritius and the Algarve meet the same demand. Clients are looking for a high quality property in a welcoming and stable country, a country where it is good to live, while enjoying the culture and engaging with locals. I believe that in 2022 this is what people are looking for, given the latest developments in Europe,” they said.

However, there are differences that set these destinations apart. “Mauritius is more for those looking for a tropical atmosphere, blue lagoons and an island lifestyle. On the other hand, the Algarve is more for those looking for a smooth and peaceful lifestyle in southern Europe, staying less than 2.5 hours from all European capitals in a holiday atmosphere”, they told The Portugal News.

“We think the Algarve and especially Faro are unique! There are none as kind as the Portuguese in Europe. In addition, the sea is wonderful, the Ria Formosa is superb, there are several golf courses and on a plane flight you can go anywhere in Europe, what could be better?”

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