Questioned by Lusa, an official source for the Public Ministry of Agen, which is carrying out the investigation of the crime, they declared that the Portuguese authorities will be “quickly” contacted by the French authorities regarding the death of this 32-year-old man who was born in Portugal.

Family party

The crime took place after a family party that ended with "great tensions" and altercations between the people who were present, according to local media.

The Public Ministry told Lusa that the three suspects "were not at the party", but knew the victim. Also according to the French authorities, this was not a festivity linked to the Portuguese community.

The Portuguese man left the party and ended up being shot dead in the car outside his house. Also inside the vehicle was a pregnant woman and her two children, who were not injured.

The Portuguese man was a farmer who had been living in this small town in the Lot-et-Garonne region for about two years, where he led a normal life with his partner and their two children who attend the local school. It is currently unknown how long he lived in France.


"Nothing could have predicted such drama. How could we have imagined such a horror? Due to his professional activity, he took little part in the life of the city", said the mayor of Buzet-sur-Baïse, Jean-Louis Molinié, quoted by the newspaper La Dépêche, indicating that he did not know the family in question.

For now, French authorities have chosen not to disclose the victim's identity.

"We will not disclose the victim's identity because his wife and children live in this city, the children are educated in the city, and we do not want to add even more suffering to the pain of this family by publicly disclosing the name of the victim and the perpetrators", said official source of the Public Ministry of Agen.

Suspects detained

Two of the suspects were immediately detained in the evening from Sunday to Monday and a third was detained later on Monday.

Police say that this was a premeditated murder, with the perpetrators waiting outside the victim's house. Some media report that the motive for the crime is linked to drugs.