I would agree with everything he says e.g. Ryanair’s safety record, exemplary punctuality record etc but really wonder how can Ryanair be so successful and still defy successful criteria like “The customer is always right” or even ensuring normal levels of customer satisfaction. Typical of its Chief Executive’s character traits this airline’s motto could be “Take it and Shut up” or “Take it or Leave it” such is its “no frills”, minimum details, minimum courtesy, minimum etiquette operation.

Mr Luckman hits it “on the head” when he asserts that Ryanair has very few friends but lots of passengers. However, one fundamental aspect of Ryanair’s service, specifically its website, is seriously flawed.

Most websites, devoted to Customer Service, I think your readers will agree, allow people to CONTACT US, if only in the small print. But has anyone ever tried contracting Ryanair? I’m guessing non-techsavvy people, like, an ol’guy like me, have trouble completing bookings with Ryanair but trying to contact Ryanair by email, phone etc is “hell on earth” and so frustrating.

“Forget it, ol’guy” I hear Michael O’Leary say!

Frank Bryan, By email