A new real estate megaproject is under development in Alcácer do Sal, according to a report by idealista/news.

Signed off by Promontório Architects, the new Alcácer Vintage tourist development by Salk Properties is designed to be located in a rural space of more than 30,000 square meters (m2) and the project is now under public consultation until May 6.

A total of 166 plots are planned (165 for housing and one for agricultural activity), 194 tourist accommodation units and 858 beds. There will also be space for planting vineyards, a spa, swimming pools, paddle tennis courts, restaurants and bars.

The luxury resort will be located in Herdade do Pinhal, 10 kilometres away from Alcácer do Sal, Setúbal.

Environmental Impact Study

The Environmental Impact Study of the project was submitted in 2016, and considered compliant in January 2017. After an amendment was submitted in March, which proposed the reformulation of the project, it was presented in July, and the declaration of favourable environmental impact (EIA) was issued on October 25 of that same year.