The diploma, published today, defines, on each fishing day, the limit of sardines that are allowed to be unloaded or sold.

The order prohibits the capture, maintenance on board, unloading and sale of sardines "on all days of national holidays" and prohibits the transfer of sardines to a different auction house from the one corresponding to the port of discharge, as well as the same vessel unloading in more than one port each day.

The fishing day corresponds to each period of 24 hours, after the end of the 48-hour stopage during the weekend, defined by areas of jurisdiction of the captaincies.

From Caminha to Figueira da Foz it is from 00:00 on Saturday until 00:00 on Monday, from Nazaré to Lisbon from 12:00 on Saturday until 12:00 on Monday, from Setúbal and Sines it is from 8:00 pm on Friday until 8:00 pm on Sunday, from Lagos, Portimão and Sagres it is from 6:00 pm on Friday to 6:00 pm on Sunday and from Faro to Vila Real de Santo António it is from 6:00 pm on Friday to 6:00 pm on Sunday.

"Portugal, with the objective of guaranteeing the economic, social and environmental sustainability of the resource, analyses and debates the main issues related to the management of fishery within the scope of the monitoring committee [...] that establishes restrictions on sardine fishing on the Portuguese mainland coast", said the Minister of Agriculture, Marias do Céu Antunes.