According to Lusa, the regional executive decided to award a voucher of 35 euros to tourists visiting the island of São Jorge, called “Welcome to São Jorge”, representing a maximum investment of 330 thousand euros.

The initiative, which was approved by the Governing Council last Thursday, May 5, and published in the Official Journal this Monday, May 9, is intended to function as “a financial incentive to boost the local economy, as a way of mitigate the impact resulting from the seismovolcanic crisis on the island of São Jorge”.

The voucher will be “usable exclusively for the purchase of goods or services in activities related to the tourism sector” and will begin to be distributed “five working days” after the publication of the resolution, in force until the global amount for this measure is reached.

The measure will, however, be reviewed quarterly, so that the Regional Government of the Azores can assess its “continuity or cessation”.

This voucher will be awarded to “all visitors who are not resident on the island of São Jorge, aged 12 years or older”, who present “proof of travel and accommodation reservation at any tourist resort” on the island and complete a form.