Jami is a crystal shop run by a sweet couple called João AMetista and Ida (hence Jami). They write into The Portugal News every month and give us one sparkly stone to reflect on at a time (so it doesn't become too overwhelming).

Their shop, located in downtown Faro, is usually an Aladins cave of wonderful gemstones. However, at Christmas they had a little baby girl called Luz (‘Light’ in Portuguese) and they decided to shut the shop for a few months to get to grips with being new parents - but also to create more space to put even more crystals.

They are still receiving orders and even though they are working at a far slower pace than usual, having a crib in the warehouse means that Luz is always with them. At just 5 months old, they noticed Luz is already totally fascinated by all the colours and so they would recommend sharing the magic of crystals with your little ones as well.

Green Aventurine

Aventurines are coloured varieties of quartz. Each one of each colour represents an aspect of our being.

Where are they found?

They are found all over the world but most are found in Brazil, mainly in the state of Minas Gerais.

The Benefits

Green aventurine is linked to our emotional side. It restores our emotional balance and is a great crystal to carry with us daily as it fills us with peace and trust.

It also protects us against environmental pollution, free radicals - and is great for maintaining healthy skin as well.

At a physical/energetic level, it is a crystal that contributes to the maintenance of health as it protects the heart chakra (energy centre located in the heart region).

This chakra, in addition to being responsible for emotional balance, regulates the functions of the cardiovascular system and so, in this sense, green aventurine balances blood pressure, lowers cholesterol levels and prevents arteriosclerosis and heart attacks.

An elixir of life

To improve and maintain health, we recommend making an elixir.

Crystal elixir consists of energising a liquid (water) with energy from one or more crystals.

Just wash the crystal well with water and dish detergent or soap (to clean bacteria and other microorganisms) then put it in water. Wait 4 to 6 hours and our elixir will be ready. Then just drink this water daily.


With animals, especially dogs, it can be placed in their beds or used on the collar in the form of a pendant or made in macrame. Just be careful they don’t gnaw on them as they can break into small fragments which can damage their digestive system. It restores the balance between the animals and their humans.

If you would like to find out more about Jami, please follow them on Facebook (@Jami - Healing Energy) or Instagram (@jami_minerals) or visit their websitewww.jami.pt.