Their team of professionals assist clients moving or already living in Portugal with fiscal, financial and legal matters, whether you are a European national or a non-European national. With the Splendour Luxury Group all your requirements are taken care of, and you are obtaining the best advice and guidance you need when relocating to Portugal.

CEO of Splendour Luxury Group, Nelleke Bos explained that “A non-European national needs not only fiscal advice but also legal support, because there is a more extensive procedure obtaining a visa for moving to Portugal or creating a gateway to Europe.” Further explaining that “We work with experienced legal and fiscal support teams that make the process that much easier, as every client has a different situation.”

Nelleke added that “Some clients don’t want to move immediately but want to have the possibility in the future or for their children to study. For us it is important to find out their specific needs, for example, if it involves a company structure, what the family requires that is moving is, or even conserning inheritance.”

Nelleke explained how their legal advisors help in the next stage, “they assist with the different visas that can be applied for, including golden visas, in which they help with the proceedings. An important step is to identify a golden visa investment.

For example, investment in real estate is possible with a minimum of 500.000 euros (residential properties in the designated areas) and 400.000 euros in a low density area. Commercial real estate can be eligible in high density areas such as Lisbon or Porto, for example serviced apartments or office spaces. Real estate investments in commercial real estate have a minimum investment of 500.000 euros and is reduced to 400.000 euros in classified areas.

Investment in real estate rehabilitation has a minimum investment of 350.000 euros in rehabilitation works in designated areas within the interior of Portugal and reduced to 280.000 euros if located in low density areas of properties older than 30 years or in an area of urban regeneration. Investment in private equity funds require a minimum investment of 500.000 euros. Asides some popular golden visas they help with retirement, family reunion, work, and study visas.

They offer support with the proceedings of requesting a NIF number, opening a Portuguese bank account and their fiscal advisors help with applications when applying for a non-habitual residency, making this a stress-free process.

Their comprehensive service includes IRS Tax Returns, not only for those relocating but also for clients already established here, where they will have the continuous support of their fiscal advisor. Nelleke also shared that they offer support to people already living in Portugal.

“We help identify good investment possibilities prior to moving as well as taking care of practicalities like insurance. We have partnerships with intermediaries who offer all sorts of insurance such as private health insurance, house insurance, car insurance as well as company insurances, for example.”

Finally, our team assist with opening a Portuguese company or registering a branch or subsidiary of a foreign company in Portugal. Our expert team of legal and fiscal advisors can find you the best solution.

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