There’s such a variety articles and of opinions that it informs and confuses at the same time.

In the May 21 edition, for instance, one page has an article about sustainability (via a “citizens’ movement” no less) in which DECO sought to change our unworthy habits and save the planet.

On the very next page was an lengthy article about 3.5-litre V8 Range Rovers – vehicles which must have contributed greatly to the problems that DECO sought to solve. The piece did include a hat-tip to newer ‘hybrid’ SUVs that will allow us to indulge our hedonistic impulses while still being virtuous (allegedly). It made me recall an article I’d recently read regarding the likelihood that there’s not enough lithium on Planet Earth to supply the batteries needed to power an electric vehicle for each driver in the UK, let alone all the other folks who are going to want one.

The inescapable conclusion would seem to be that only the VERY rich will be driving EVs, while the rest of us are back relying on Shanks’s Pony (or perhaps a donkey to lug the shopping home).

And that’s without venturing into the hotbed of comment (still!) about Brexit – without which your ‘Letters’ pages during the last six years would surely have been as empty as the food shops may soon be thanks to that nice Mr Putin invading Ukraine.

Keep up the good work!