"The world changed. But there is something that has not changed: a budget in which the Government continues to show a lack of vision and a lack of trust in companies and people”, declared Carla Castro.

The liberal accused the executive of lack of confidence in companies by not investing “truly in the conditions of economic growth and the business fabric”.

Carla Castro considered that OE2022 “does not relieve them of the tax burden, it fails in basic functions, and thinks that the increase in tax revenues due to inflation is better applied by the Government, than returned to people's pockets”.

“This government does not have the ambition to transform or reform and, therefore, this is a bad budget. We know that the pandemic was not our choice, we know that the war was not our choice, we know that inflation was not our choice. But we know that the Government could have chosen a different attitude: the Government could have chosen different policies!” she exclaimed.