The Coimbra Region Intermunicipal Community (CIM/RC), one of the eight Portuguese regions in the European Union chosen today to combat climate change, has branded itself "aligned" with the objectives of the European Ecological Pact.

Speaking to the Lusa agency, Jorge Brito, executive secretary of the CIM/RC, said that the Coimbra Region "is aligned with the objectives of the European Climate Pact and committed to adapting to these challenges".

The European Commission today announced the first 118 regions and local authorities that will participate in the EU Climate Change Adaptation Strategy.

Of the 118 regions and municipalities chosen to implement climate change projects, which will mobilise 370 million euros until 2023, eight are Portuguese.

Besides Coimbra Region, the list includes Cávado, Lisbon Metropolitan Area, Médio Tejo, Vila Pouca de Aguiar, Fundão, Mafra and Cascais.

"The commitment of Coimbra Region to this programme is a testament to the work we have been doing", said Jorge Brito, alluding to the intermunicipal plan of adaptation to climate change that already exists in the territory of CIM/RC.

"The Coimbra Region CIM was one of the first regions in the country to create and implement an intermunicipal climate change adaptation plan, and through this, we have already implemented more than €10 million worth of action", he stated.

Jorge Brito also emphasised the Coimbra Region's "commitment" to the "explicit objective in the European Commission's challenge" related to carbon neutral cities and regions.

The European project is expected to support at least 150 regions and communities in accelerating their transformation to climate resilience by 2030 by helping local authorities to understand, prepare for, and manage climate risks, as well as develop innovative solutions to tackle those risks.

In addition to the 118 regions and local authorities, 17 private companies, service centres, research networks, and local action groups active in improving climate resilience will also sign up to the project.

The EU Strategy for Climate Change Adaptation will receive a total of €370 million in funding from the EU's research and innovation programme, Horizon Europe, until 2023.