You can always rely upon Vila Vita to bring their “A game” to any event, and the Passionate about Algarve gastronomic was no exception.

On a balmy June evening music, wine and incredible food came together to create an unforgettable evening in the heart of the Algarve.

Shining stars

Chefs João Marreiros (Loki), João Oliveira (Vista*), Louis Anjos (Al-Sud*), Luís Brito (A Ver Tavira*), Noélia Jerónimo (Noélia & Jerónimo) and Rui Silvestre (Vistas*) combined their culinary repertoire in a series of delicious dishes for a unique dinner, which also featured local wine producers: João Clara, Morgado do Quintão and Paxá.

The chefs were challenged to create dishes that encapsulate the essence of the Algarve through food, and the result was one that not only demonstrated the strength of gastronomy in the region but also the camaraderie of local chefs.

Burgeoning scene

Managing director of Vila Vita Parc, Kurt Gillig, explained that the concept for the evening was to shine a light on all that the Algarve has to offer, bringing together food and wine in an experience that also allows guests to be able to try especially created dishes in a single location. While many may consider chefs to be somewhat “lone wolves”, events such as this show that they are more than happy to come together with the common goal of showcasing the Algarve and the increasingly diverse selection of food on offer. He remembered that when he first came to the Algarve there were very few Michelin star restaurants and now the region is home to seven, and a burgeoning gastronomic scene.

From the sea

The Algarve is of course synonymous with sea food and many of the chefs focused on this area in the two dishes each presented. João Marreiros from Loki prepared an exquisite octopus dish accompanied with typical Algarvian sweet potato and honey from Monchique, while João Oliveira from Vista showcased red shrimp with flor de sal and charred lemon oil and Luis Brito deconstructed the traditional cataplana and also served up Bluefin tuna with fermented cabbage. Rising star Noélia Jerónimo pushed the boundaries of fish even further with her plankton and violet prawn rice and the truly incredible spiced mango gazpacho with marinated fish.

From the land

But it is not just the sea that provides that Algarve with unforgettable ingredients, the land also has plenty to offer and was explored beautifully by Chef Alexandre Cabral with his suckling pork belly, complete with orange gel, fennel puree and Algarvian carrot. A strawberry, cucumber style soup with presunto for a small farm in Zambujal and sea thyme from João Marreiros showed another side of the Algarve, while rabbit with black pudding was elevated by Louis Anjos.

Those with a sweet tooth were also not left disappointed thanks to an ingenious orange dish, complemented by pennyroyal ice cream, and to finish a beautiful faux cheese with flor de sal toast and pumpkin jam rounded off an incredible evening.

This event was just one of 30 taking place throughout the summer at Vila Vita in celebration of their 30th anniversary. For further information about what is happening at the resort, or to book a place at their next celebratory event, please visit