“Safety can be a deciding factor when people think about where they are going to spend their holidays, and these figures show that there are considerable differences across Europe when measuring factors such as bathing water quality or crime levels.”

In this ranking, Portugal obtained a classification of 82.1 points out of a possible 100, being one of the countries classified in seventh place with regard to the quality of bathing water, while in terms of atmospheric pollution the country was in fourth place, with one of the lowest pollution rates among the countries analysed. The quality of health care was the parameter that had the lowest classification, ranking 10th.

The Forbes Advisor ranking of safest countries is led by Switzerland, which obtained a rating of 88.3 points, as, according to the study, this is the country that has the best health care among the 29 European countries analysed, followed by the Netherlands and Denmark.

Switzerland also has one of the lowest air pollution and a low crime rate, factors that guarantee the country a good ranking, even though the quality of Switzerland's bathing water was been in sixth place.

Second place went to Slovenia, which achieved a score of 82.3 points, as the country has one of the lowest violent crime rates, while air pollution, bathing water quality and health care also showed a "good performance".

In addition to Switzerland, Slovenia and Portugal, the ranking of the safest countries for holidays this summer is also made up of Austria (81.4 points), Germany (81.2 points), Spain (78.8 points) and the Czech Republic (76 points).