In this latest DCI Steve Burt novel, author John Reid has once more successfully put together a series of mysteries that not only keep the DCI and his team guessing but also the reader. This is a wonderfully crafted murder mystery and sits well within the author’s DCI Steve Burt series. Readers from around the world have been enthusiastic in their praise of John’s latest work. A few quotes from reviewers: “This adrenaline-fueled story kept me on the edge of my seat. The scene changes keep things moving, the unique, endearing characters keep things interesting, and the twists, turns, and shocking surprises left me thunderstruck. This brilliantly written story, part crime drama and part spy thriller are sure to give any lover of suspense and thrillers a riveting, heart-pounding, unparalleled reading escape.” With another reader saying “This book has it all, murder, terrorism, corruption, secret weapons…. all on an international level. This book pulls you in and you end up looking forward to more of DCI Steve Burt.”

In The Voice we follow an ever more mysterious set of clues and different cases that somehow John manages to bring together. It seems nothing happens in isolation and John’s writing style delivers the reader to an exciting and unexpected conclusion as they get to the end of the novel. The authors writing offers his readers a true ‘who done it’ experience in the classic style of the traditional mystery novel. It is enthralling to see how the DCI and his team set about solving apparently unrelated events and how the criminal mastermind known as The Voice is cleverly uncovered.

In this work, DCI Steve Burt is asked by his ex-army boss to find his son who is a serving officer and has apparently gone missing. Steve cannot look into the soldier’s disappearance officially but knows he has to use what methods he can. The DCI’s investigation begins quietly, but soon becomes official as the scale of what Steve and his team unearth is quite frightening. National security is at stake. As he looks for answers the disappearance of his ex-boss’s son begins to take on more sinister tones and the investigation unearths a world of spies, terrorism, murder and corruption.

The one question Steve has to answer is, who is the mysterious Voice who appears to control everything and seems to be behind all aspects of the various and seemingly unrelated cases.

Finding a phantom is not easy and it takes all Steve’s grit and determination. In this fascinating page turner, the reader will find John has successfully incorporated an amount of humour into this novel together with intrigue, politics and murder. The story lines and the creative writing will keep everyone guessing right till the end.

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