With Brazilian Alex Atala (restaurant “Dom”, two Michelin stars, São Paulo) as the official ambassador, the event intends to showcase “veterans and cooks of new blood”, in addition to highlighting a delegation dedicated to France.

During Foodtopia, which will take place at the Tropical Botanical Garden of the University of Lisbon, in Belém, the chefs will “cook ingredients and narratives in an idyllic setting”.

Spotlight on Portugal

Portuguese haute cuisine will be in the spotlight, with the presence of chefs from restaurants with two Michelin stars – Rui Paula (“Casa de Chá da Boa Nova”, Porto), Henrique Sá Pessoa (“ALMA”, Lisboa), Hans Neuner (“Ocean”, Porches) and David Jesus (sous chef “Belcanto”, Lisboa) – And with one star - Alexandre Silva (“Loco”, Lisboa), Manuel Maldonado (chef executivo “100 Maneiras”, Lisboa), Pedro Almeida (“Midori”, Lisboa), Gil Fernandes (“Fortaleza do Guincho”, Guincho), Louis Anjos (“Al Sud”, Lagos), Rui Silvestre (“Vistas Rui Silvestre”, Vila Nova de Cacela), Tiago Bonito (“Largo do Paço”, Amarante) and Vincent Farges (“Epur”, Lisboa).

The festival also intends to promote the gastronomy of some of the most representative communities in the country, so it will have the participation of Dulce Silva (Guinea-Bissau), Eleutério Assunção (São Tomé and Príncipe), Sheila Abreu (Mozambique), Helt Araújo (Angola ) and Tony Fox (“Fox Coffee 'The King of Cachupa'”).

They will serve traditional dishes, but also a new vision of African cuisine and ingredients,” according to the organisation.

The festival is co-organized by Amuse Bouche, Lisbon City Council, Turismo de Portugal and is part of the 2022 Portugal-France Cruzada Season.

Entrance to the venue costs €10 and is free for children up to 12 years old. All the dishes have a single price of €6.