According to ANSR, accidents involving cyclists caused 23 deaths in 2021 (130% more than in 2020), 138 serious injuries (16% more) and 2,511 minor injuries (19.7% more).

Last year, deaths due to accidents with agricultural tractors also increased, with 14 victims (16.7% more than in 2020) and 25 serious injuries (8.7% more), in a total of 194 disasters (2 more .6%).

The report notes that light vehicles were responsible for 72% of accidents that occurred last year, with 34,426 disasters (12.8% more), followed by mopeds and motorcycles, with 8,529 accidents (8.4% more).

Despite the increase in accidents, deaths in light vehicles decreased by 14.4% in 2021 and in motorcycles also fell by 1.9%.

“Comparing the values ​​of the continent in 2021 with the average of the previous five years (2016 to 2020), there were reductions in the totals of all the main indicators: 10.5% less in accidents, 16.2% less in fatalities, minus 0.4% for serious injuries and minus 12.8% for minor injuries”, reads the report.